So begins the start of a new journey. I wanted to get into some really simple html manipulation but I’m pretty much dead broke and looking for work currently. Ergo wordpress seems the best solution to start fumbling around with it while I get my thoughts in order and start tackling job search and coding. I’d like to think I’ll use this site regularly but I offer no promises to myself or anyone who chooses to read these thoughts on anything resembling a regular schedule.

Welcome to my site!
I’m going to use this as a bouncing board for ideas and really anything. Expect the possibility of political musings, philisophical ideas, trash code, slightly less trash code as time goes on and perhaps even the fabled land of optimized and beautiful Lisp. I’m currently browsing through Land of Lisp, Common Lisp: A Gentle Introduction To Symbolic Programming, and SICP though I do plan to go through Land of Lisp first as I dabble in CSS, HTML, and basics of computer design.


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